July 8, 2022

ISX Financial announce new Board Director - Adonis Pegasiou

8th July 2022 : ISX Financial EU PLC is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr Adonis Pegasiou to its board of directors, following Central Bank of Cyprus approval.

Mr. Pegasiou has extensive experience in economics, governance, and banking including roles for both public and private sector. 

His experience directly relates to ISX as it includes prior experience as a board member in a financial institution as well as specific financial qualifications such as a Certificate in Risk in Financial Services (offered by CISI), Certified Global Sanctions Specialist Certification (offered by ACAMS) and Diploma in ‘Governance, Risk and Compliance’ (offered by ICA). 

Mr. Pegasiou has over 10 years’ experience in academia which includes him lecturing at both the ‘University of Cyprus’ and the  ‘European University of Cyprus’ and is currently the Academic Director at the ‘European Institute of Management and Finance’ where he teaches courses on Corporate Governance, Financial Regulation, Sanctions and ESG and Business Ethics

Mr. Pegasiou holds a BSc degree in Economics from the London School of Economics (LSE) and a Masters from the University of Bristol in European Policy Studies. Mr.Pegasiou further holds a Ph.D. from the University of Manchester in Politics. Additionally, he then received funding to undertake a post-doctoral fellowship to study the Europeanisation of Cyprus’s Economy and was based at the European University of Cyprus and in cooperation with the LSE and the University of Manchester.

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