July 6, 2022

Further Patent Granted in the United States

6th July 2022 : ISX Financial EU PLC is pleased to announce that its subsidiary, ISX IP Ltd, has been granted a further US Patent, US 11,200,554 B2

This patent dates from the filing date of the application and its normal term is 20 years having a normal expiry date of 22 December 2035. However, in the present case, the USPTO has extended the patent term beyond the normal expiry date by 231 days due to delays in the USPTO.

The patent encompasses a computer-implemented method for securing a transaction. The method comprises receiving or determining a plurality of sub-charges associated with the transaction; and determining  a password to secure completion of the transaction based on the plurality of the sub-charges. The US Patent documents are below.

US Patent

The patent will allow the company to continue operating safely within the boundaries of its own patented intellectual property in this critical area of the payments system.



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