July 28, 2022

ISX Financial EU Plc 2022 Half Year Update

28th July 2022 : ISX Financial EU Plc (“ISXPlc”) is pleased to present its Half Year Update for 2022. 

Dear Shareholder,

I am pleased to present the ISX Financial EU Plc (“ISXPlc”) half year update.

Business Update

ISXPlc has commenced limited operations under its UK FCA Authorised Electronic Money Institution license. To date, our UK operations have been under our BREXIT Temporary permissions regime authorisation via our EEA license. As part of this, we have completed the initial rollout of our Probanx® CORE in the UK, and interconnected it to key payment rails and banking partners.

The commencement of scale operations in the UK (which follow limited operations after about 2-3 weeks) will give our customers access to accounts in 26 currencies, as well as GBP(£) based Faster Payments Service (FPS), BACs and SWIFT services.

FPS allows for up to £1m per transaction to be sent between parties in under 15 seconds.

We are also pleased that our EEA Open Banking Initiation Agnostic service now has a number of partners, including Sofort, Volt, Noda and Salt Edge. Each of these partners provide payment initiation services in differing countries and span different banks across the 4,500 SEPA/ Open Banking connected EEA banks, providing retail customers with the broadest possible options at checkout. Partnering these payment initiators is via a number of commercial models, including where ISX resells the services of the initiator for margin, coupled with margin for provision of our core product; ISX EMA’s and SIIN. ISX also has its own initiation capabilities, which are offered as part of our flykk® service, either standalone or with partners.

ISX’s UK Open Banking Initiation Agnostic service will follow during Q4, and will also partner with Volt, Salt Edge and possibly others.

Further updates have been released to our flykk® product/app, including remittance of domestic currencies back to Australia, India, Hong Kong and other countries. The flykk® app now has utility for customers seeking to transact with Europe and the UK from/to other countries outside Europe and the UK.

The flykk® app is available from the Apple and Google stores.


The Company continues to pursue its strategy of expanding services into North America. Expansion into North America will require fresh capital to be deployed, particularly with regards to deployment of servers/systems, leases, and employment of staff.

Whilst the expansion can likely be funded from our cashflows, the Company draws shareholders attention to the fact that access to capital markets may still be some time away due to unfavourable market conditions. Speed of expansion will be determined in part by capital expenditure requirements and our preference to cashflow this activity rather than utilise cash reserves.

The expansion into North America will take precedence over secondary objectives, noting the Company's objective is to deliver shareholder value and growth through its core electronic money and technology services. This may mean that other non core activities are deprioritised.

IPO Update

ISXPlc is continuing to monitor the market, but does not expect any significant positive change to IPO market conditions before 2023. Any preparation is thus deferred until Q4 2022 in anticipation of favourable 2023 conditions.

Alternative Liquidity

ISXPlc is aware of the offer from Alternative Liquidity, and recommends shareholders consult their financial planner or seek qualified financial advice before accepting or rejecting the offer here.

ISXPlc will also provide updates via our twitter feeds and LinkedIN pages with news as it occurs.


2022 Half Year Update

Investor relations can be contacted via email at investors@isxfinancial.com


N Karantzis

Managing Director & CEO

ISX Financial EU Plc

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