June 2, 2023

ISX Financial EU Plc 2022 Annual Report

2nd June 2023 : ISX Financial EU Plc ("ISXPlc") is delighted to present its Annual Report for the year 2022, showcasing another successful period for our organisation. We are pleased to share the following key highlights:


  1. Revenue Growth: Our revenues experienced a remarkable growth of 20.7%, reaching €27.4 million. This growth is a testament to the clear preference demonstrated by our customers, as they continue to shift away from traditional credit card payments towards lower-cost instant and batched interbank payments.


  1. Profit After Tax: We are proud to report that our profit after tax for the year 2022 amounted to €3.7 million, showcasing a significant increase of 171% compared to the previous year. This achievement highlights the strong financial performance and effective strategies employed by our team.


  1. Strengthened Financial Position: Despite investments made in NSX totaling A$1.6 million (€ 0.9m ) and the early repayment of the convertible note amounting to A$2.3 million (€1.5 million), our cash at bank increased by approximately €1 million. This growth in our financial reserves demonstrates our commitment to sustainable financial management.


  1. Open Banking Demand: The Group has positioned itself effectively to meet the increasing demand for open banking payments, and our efforts have yielded promising results. During the fourth quarter of 2022, open banking Transactional Processed Volume(TPV) soared to €134.4 million, marking a remarkable 103% increase compared to the previous quarter and an outstanding 600% increase compared to the same quarter of the prior year. This strong growth affirms our ability to capitalize on emerging trends in the financial industry.


To access a comprehensive overview of our performance in 2022, we invite you to view our Annual Report. Simply click the button below to gain valuable insights into our achievements, strategies, and future outlook.


Annual Report 2022


At ISX Financial EU Plc, we remain committed to delivering exceptional value to our shareholders, clients, and partners. Our continued focus on open banking, alongside our dedication to innovation and financial excellence, positions us for further success in the coming years.

For any further inquiries or information, please feel free to contact our Investor Relations team. Thank you for your ongoing support.


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