Payment Instrument Verification (PIV)

Introducing our patented process for authenticating transactions Payment Instrument Verification (PIV)

The PIV process proves the ownership of the presented card, thus allowing merchants to remotely and dynamically verify that, the end-user is the true card owner and that they have the right to use it.

  • Prevent Card Not present (CNP) fraud
  • On-board customers in 3 to 5 minutes
  • Fulfill your initial and ongoing AML/CFT KYC requirements
  • Boost conversion rates
100 100

Customer makes a payment using a debit card and the payment is processed by ISX Financial

100 100 64.12 €35.88

The transaction is randomly divided into two amounts creating a dynamic “secret”

64.12 €35.88 Merchant A Merchant A

The customer logs in to their online banking and retrieves the dynamic “secret”

Confirmation of the “secret” succesfully identifies the customer

This process is then linked to our Digital KYC, SCA and other Fraud Protection products


Paydentity incorporates payment authentication with enhanced due diligence (EDD) Know Your Customer (KYC) to remotely link a person’s verified identity to an electronic payment, in order to satisfy Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Countering the Financing of Terrorism (CFT) regulatory requirements.

As allowed by the UK’s 2017 JMLSG AT S.5.3.89, ISX Financial creates a secret that is inserted into the account, which secret must be retrieved and confirmed by the payment services user to prove access and control of their account.

Automated KYC workflow

Manual processes take between 3-21 working days. Our Digital EDD KYC service generates an automated dynamic KYC workflow in as little as 3-5 minutes using the most reliable, independent and up-to-date source of KYC data.

High Conversion Rates

Perform EDD KYC and pay only for the customers who are willing to engage and pay for your services.

Provides EDD KYC Compliance

We provide remote EDD KYC compliance with the 4th AML Directive, the UK’s JMLSG, LCCP, CySEC Directives, Gibraltar and Isle of Man FSC/FSA requirements and gaming codes, the U.S Bank Secrecy Act, Patriot Act, AUSTRAC and other FATF jurisdictions regulations.

Global reach

Reach 4.2Bn financially included persons in over 200 countries. If your customer can make an online payment, the Paydentity process can be applied.

Sanction & optional PEP screening

Our solution features in-built Sanction Screening from a number of jurisdictions including EU, UK, AU, US, CA and more, and allows import/export of KYC data from/to your PEP provider.

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