Complaints Management Policy


ISX Financial EU PLC  (hereinafter referred to as the ‘Company’), is a company incorporated in the Republic of Cyprus and regulated by the Central Bank of Cyprus operating under the  Authorisation Number

Our Company is committed to offering highest quality products and services to our customers at all times.

However, this doesn't guarantee that complaints relating to our products or our staff will not arise from time to time. if you are not satisfied with our products/services, you can submit your complaint and offer us the opportunity to improve, resolve any problem and ensure it does not repeat in the future.

Our Complaints Management team are committed to creating fair outcomes for all customers, actively seeking to ensure that unfair outcomes do not occur and supporting the Company’s no appetite for systemic unfair customer outcomes.


How to submit a complaint?

If you have a complaint relating to our products, service provided by us or by one of our associates, please let us know as soon as possible.  Our goal is to continually improve the service we provide and any comments you may have could help us achieve that.

We take all complaints very seriously and, in order to deal with your complaint efficiently and effectively, we have put in place adequate procedures.

A complaint must be received in writing by the Company and include all the details specified in Complaint form.

The written complaint can be submitted:


Via Internet

By completing the online form on the Company’s website and sending it to the email address:

Please access the Complaint Form here.

Please note that complaints are only accepted from ISX customers.

By regulation, customers of other institutions must lodge complaints with their account issuing institution, who will then contact ISX (if relevant).


Via Mail

Alternatively, you can post the Complaint Form to the below address:

Complaints Management Office

ISX Financial EU PLC.

Makrasykas 1, 

Strovolos, Nicosia 

2034 Cyprus

Complaints Management


After the receipt of your complaint, our Complaints Management Office will send you a written acknowledgement to inform you that the Company is in the receipt of your complaint and that it will be investigated in a timely manner. The written acknowledgment is normally sent automatically if your complaint is submitted by email or no later than 15 days from the date of the receipt in case of submission via mail.

Our Complaints Management Office will examine your complaint seriously and conduct relevant internal investigation in cooperation with other relevant departments of the Company.

Upon completion of the investigation you will be informed by the Complaints Management Office on the proposed solutions/answers. We aim to respond to all complaints within 20 working days from the receipt of the complaint. However, if your complaint is more complex and requires further investigation from our end, we will keep you up to date regarding the progress of investigation, current status and reasons for delay. An update will be provided on a monthly basis (every four weeks) until the complaint case has been resolved.


You will receive our final response no later than 3 months from the date of the initial receipt of your complaint.

In the case you have not received our response within 3 months from the date of the initial receipt of your complaint or you have received our response but you are not satisfied with it, you have the right to submit your complaint to the Financial Ombudsman or any other Alternative Dispute Resolution Body within 4 months from the date of receipt of the response.


Financial Ombudsman

Office Agency Address: 13 Lord Byron Avenue, 1096 Nicosia

Postal Address: P.O.BOX 25735, 1311 Nicosia

Tel. 22848900 Fax.22660584


Alternative Dispute Resolution and Accredited ADR Bodies (individuals only) 



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