Fund Safeguards

Account Type : An ISX.Money IBAN based account is an electronic money account issued under the European Union’s Electronic Money Directive 2009/EC/110 (“the Directive”). Electronic money accounts are not bank accounts, even though we issue BBAN and IBAN as a means of connecting the ISX.Money IBAN based account to the international banking network by use of a Bank Identifier Code (BIC), such as ISEMCY22XXX.

Safeguarding : The Directive requires that Electronic Money Institutions such as ISX Financial EU PLC (“the Company” or “ISX”), provide safeguards for its customer’s funds that it holds. Customer funds are safeguarded by being held in segregated accounts separate from those that hold Company funds, and are customer funds are held variously between the (Central) Bank of Lithuania, reputable credit institutions within the European Union or for non EURO (€) currency accounts, reputable international banks within equivalent credit risk jurisdictions.

By accepting the Terms of Use you acknowledge that the Republic of Cyprus Deposit Guarantee & Investors' Compensation Scheme does not apply to your ISX.Money IBAN based account. In the unlikely event that we become insolvent, you may lose the electronic money held in your ISX.Money IBAN based account. However, the Directive and Cypriot national legislation apply to us, and these are designed to ensure the safety and liquidity of funds deposited in electronic money accounts by way of segregation of client funds from Company funds. Any use of the word ‘deposit’ is used descriptively, and does not imply that the ISX.Money IBAN based accounts are deposit accounts or that we accept deposits under European Union Credit Institution regulations.

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